This is my personal website and blog. It’s where I collect my adventures in digital, from reflections on technology and internet policy to the things I’m learning from my own programming and design projects.

I often pop up at events and digital / technology conferences. If you’d like to invite me to talk then feel free to get in touch. If you need my biography for an article or event then you can copy the text below, and grab a photo of me here.


Chris Yiu is a General Manager at Uber. With the Uber app on their smartphone, people can request a convenient and affordable ride from a fully licensed driver at the tap of a button. A city with Uber has more economic opportunities for its residents, fewer drunk drivers on the streets, and better access to transportation for everyone who lives there.

Chris was previously director of digital participation at SCVO, director of digital government at Policy Exchange, and has also held roles at McKinsey & Company, HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office.

You can follow Chris on Twitter @clry2.