First Order

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Starkiller Base operational

New weapon harnesses the power of the sun to fire a planet-shattering beam through hyperspace.

News story

Finalizer arrives at Jakku

Resistance pilot spotted, believed to know the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker.

Press release

Stormtrooper Fast Stream

Apply now for one of the most highly-coveted graduate schemes in the galaxy.


New Republic's days are numbered

News story

TIE Fighter fleet expands again

Press release

Jedi Order destroyed

News story

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What we do

We use advanced military technology and a strong hand to bring the rule of law back to the galaxy. By extinguishing disorder and eliminating the Resistance, we are ushering in a new era of order and stability, promoting progress and steering civilization away from a path of chaos and corruption.

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Correspondence Team
Sector 2/E1
Starkiller Base
Unknown Regions, Galactic West

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Out of hours: hologram only

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Freedom of Information requests

FOI Team
Sector 7/W3
Starkiller Base
Unknown Regions, Galactic West

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