Game Boy Buddies

1,280 / 1,280 NFTs released

This pixel art project celebrates the Nintendo Game Boy, the greatest handheld video game console of all time.

Game Boy Buddies are NFTs minted on the Polygon blockchain. Each item in the collection has been programatically generated with a unique combination of traits. Look out for:

  • The classic DMG-01, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color colorways
  • Buttons, bezels and backlight mods in a range of colors
  • Accessories including the Game Link Cable, Light Boy, AC Adapter, batteries and headphones
  • Rare variants including the Game Boy Light, Famitsu Model-F Game Boy Pocket, Pokémon Edition Game Boy Color, glow-in-the-dark Imagineer Game Boy Pocket, and more besides
  • Ultra-rare Game Boy Buddies sporting the original 2-bit monochrome display palette