Timeline — Keeping track of what AI can do, and when it did it.


January 2021 14 (1036)

rob Respond to human feelings

spe Improve hearing aids

med Diagnose prostate cancer from urine

ind Detect microscopic surface flaws

med Improve pre-hospital manual ventilation

oth Train your dog to sit

gov Prioritise Covid-19 vaccinations

pro Scout for footballers

sci Predict human egg fertilisation

cre Draw pictures to go with captions

rob Sort and pick recyclables

ind Identify and sort plastic packaging

tra Reduce crowds at metro stations

oth Digitise sporting events

December 2020 13 (1022)

oth Ask Putin a question

ind Design a space suit

med Process primary care clinical correspondence

sci Map the immune system

sci Estimate psychological ageing

pro Summarise the news

tra Co-pilot a Lockheed U-2

ind Improve urban building design

ind Detect noise during vehicle testing

sci Control plasma-based particle acclerators

vis Mimic the human retina

spe Dub video content into foreign languages

edu Train medical students

November 2020 11 (1009)

sci Determine the 3D shapes of proteins

sci Research speech disorders from Parkinson's

med Detect patients at risk of osteoporosis

pro Renegotiate contracts

gov Estimate air pollution

sec Generate military targeting data

sec Sort content for quicker moderation

med Predict mouth cancer risk

vis Distinguish a football from a bald head

agr Identify sick livestock

med Process Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions

October 2020 11 (998)

med Reduce hospital admissions for the elderly

gov Predict the Presidential election

gov Estimate oil reserves

ind Optimise broadband networks

edu Teach people foreign languages

sci Identify new Alzheimer's biomarkers

ind Operate a building's HVAC system

agr Breed crops for a changing climate

ind Detect food safety risks

cre Create new logos from scratch

hom Produce a lightly-grilled beef taste

September 2020 12 (987)

med Predict patient disengagement

oth Predict loneliness

pro Forecast customer sales and churn

sci Predict the quality of bioscaffolds

sec Combat online antisemitism

gov Warn villagers when elephants are coming

med Identify Covid-19 from your cough

cre Get published in The Guardian

hom Create recipes for the ingredients to hand

tra Map bus routes according to usage

fin Keep ATMs stocked with cash

med Identify tooth decay

August 2020 10 (975)

sci Predict chemical reactions

ind Screen imported seafood

ind Optimise windmill safety

tra Win a virtual F-16 dogfight

med Make MRI scans faster

ind Monitor Covid-19 social distancing

vis Recognise hand gestures

med Diagnose prostate cancer

oth Know when to defer to a human

cre Write a theatre play

July 2020 13 (965)

sec Detect child abuse images

sec Protect the identities of BLM protesters

med Detect bacteria that cause pneumonia

med Speed up Alzheimer's diagnoses

gov Improve school attendance

ind Spot power grid faults

cre Generate amazing human-like text on demand

sci Learn to simulate sloppy mixtures

tra Monitor the behaviour of taxi drivers

pro Remember your hotel preferences

ind Digitise construction sites

med Detect early-stage pancreatic cancer

cre Write a song in the style of Iron Maiden

June 2020 16 (952)

med Automate dental clinical analysis

tra Pilot an F-35 fighter jet in a dogfight

cre Make your own music festival

ind Solve appointment backlogs due to Covid-19

oth Analyse opinions through brain activity

tra Check Covid-19 compliance in taxis

cre Write a song in the style of Metallica

ind Manage power company control rooms

vis Tell the members of Little Mix apart

tra Check Covid-19 safety on public transport

pro Reduce retail return rates

med Determine Covid-19 severity

gam Simulate challenging enemy behaviour

gov Support group discussions in primary schools

tra Reduce delays at airports

med Improve the accuracy of eye tests

May 2020 17 (936)

gam Create more lifelike videogame characters

pro Pick stories for news sites

pro Curate the Bucharest Biennale

tra Track active transport in cities

med Predict age-related macular degeneration

vis Identify consumer products in photos

cre Write a song in the style of AC/DC

med Distinguish brain lesions in CT scans

rob Enforce Covid-19 distancing

oth Cope with how Covid-19 has changed things

pro Process auto damage insurance claims

rob Mine asteroids for riches

sec Spread misinformation on the internet

pro Automate Formula One race decisions

ind Improve solar inverters

med Help with early detection of glaucoma

spe Recreate singers' voices to your lyrics

April 2020 14 (919)

cre Write like Shakespeare

cre Generate absurdist memes

oth Avoid over-confident predictions

oth Be awarded a patent

sci Find the best drug combinations for Covid-19

oth Help stave off feelings of loneliness

com Power a virtual rat

med Help diagnose ADHD in adults

cre Enter a song contest

med Identify brain mutations in glioma tumours

gov Protect coral reefs

spe Track how people are feeling about Covid-19

med Scan you when you're on the toilet

spe Mediate difficult conversations

March 2020 16 (905)

fin Improve processes for accounts payable

med Help diagnose skin diseases

oth Turn your thoughts into sentences

med Predict respiratory disease from Covid-19

sci Find a vaccine for Covid-19

rob Stop robots bumping into humans

med Check blood for signs of lung cancer

hom Personalise makeup recommendations

med Detect Covid-19 from your voice

med Automate Covid-19 testing

med Identify high-risk Covid-19 patients

fin Review financial documents

gov Monitor opium poppy cultivation

fin Run a central bank

sci Spot disease outbreaks faster

med Improve sleep disorder treatments

February 2020 13 (889)

fin Predict stock market crashes

med Scan doctors' notes to identify back pain

gam Play the Dungeon Master in D&D

vis Colourise black & white videos

med Identify specific brain networks in children

med Instantly and accurately measure blood flow

cre Write a song in the style of Travis Scott

pro Advise football clubs on transfers

pro Edit outdated Wikipedia articles

sci Identify potential treatments for Covid-19

sci Spot when correlation does mean causation

sci Find new ways to make glass

gov Detect potholes

January 2020 12 (876)

med Reduce gadolinium agents required for MRIs

sci Create new drugs

med Shorten hospital waiting times

com Detect computer glitches

tra Sail a container ship

ind Reduce food waste at Davos

tra Plan and operate new cycle routes

tra Predict when military aircraft will need repairs

med Detect low glucose without a fingerpick test

pro Predict box office performance

pro Detect harassment in emails

med Spot breast cancer from X-ray images

December 2019 25 (864)

sci Optimise spray-on solar cell technology

spe Help us talk to animals

pro Monitor the quality of pizzas

oth Psych out its opponents

sec Coordinate search-and-rescue drone swarms

sec Counter hate speech online

agr Optimise cannabis cultivation

sci Solve university-level calculus

med Detect acute myeloid leukemia from blood cells

med Identify features linked to cancer recurrence

spe Understand voice intonation

vis Enhance zoomed-in photos

sec Detect offensive captions on Instagram

tra Stop you crashing your car

tra Drive a lorry across America

med Improve MRI detection of ADHD

gov Preside over court hearings

tra Pilot a racing drone

sci Prove the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture

gam Generate an infinite text adventure

agr Spot wildfires faster

pro Predict where a baseball pitch will land

cre Generate music based on what you play

hom Personalise your Starbucks experience

tra Catch drivers using their phones

November 2019 36 (839)

gam Find a rare diamond in Minecraft

sci Engineer improved AAV capsids for gene therapy

hom Recommend a whisky

spe Identify Shakespeare's contribution to Henry VIII

med Predict the outcome of traumatic brain injury

vis Recreate videos from brainwaves

pro Increase sales via chatbot interactions

pro Decide what you see on Instagram

med Produce placental diagnostic reports

med Determine whether immunotherapy is working

pro Detect and prevent problem gambling

tra Improve airline punctuality

cre Create the perfect Nike commercial

vis Digitally paste products into TV shows

ind Monitor dams and bridges

ind Run a fully automated biofoundry

ind Predict problems at oil refineries

med Predict if you will die from your ECG

tra Improve safety on ride-sharing apps

gov Detect suicide risk on Weibo

spe Preserve your voice

agr Spot pests on crops

cre Learn to flirt

sci Discover that Earth orbits the Sun

sci Diagnose dogs with chronic pain

adm Rephrase your emails

fin Conduct stock market surveillance

pro Create new gins

fin Predict your bank balance

spe Isolate the vocals in any song

vis Make people in still images dance

cre Lip-sync animations in real time

gov Help find missing people

ind Increase the output of copper mines

hom Predict our emotional response to music

gov Identify and track bird species

October 2019 26 (803)

tra Predict wait times at airport security

pro Issue fatwas

gov Filter UK visa applications

sci Solve the three-body problem

med Predict Thyroid Cancer Risk in Ultrasound

hom Help you brush your teeth properly

oth Recognise smells

sci Develop new protein therapeutics

oth Allow a paralysed person to handwrite

com Optimise radio access networks

vis Count the size of large crowds

agr Increase the productivity of tea workers

spe Restore ancient Greek texts

tra Improve your commute

med Detect colorectal polyps

edu Monitor examination centres

pro Track customer service in restaurants

sci Develop hyper-compressible materials

gam Filter out trash talk on Xbox live

edu Replace exams

spe Win a climate change essay contest

spe Post comments on news articles

sci Monitor extreme ultraviolet energy from the sun

rob Help a paralysed person walk

rob Improve control of prosthetic hands

spe Put real-time captions on your phone

September 2019 28 (777)

med Improve biomedical imaging

cre Compose classical music live in concert

adm Curate your professional network

pro Simulate basketball plays

tra Replace car headlights with drones

med Diagnose heart disease from MRI scans

med Predict schizophrenia from a video

sci Predict future scientific discoveries

edu Detect bullying and self-harm

hom Detect romance in your text messages

med Check for drug-supplement interactions

pro Sell you theatre tickets

gam Play hide-and-seek

gov Generate ultra-high resolution maps

sci Pass a 12th grade science test

sci Speed up photodynamics simulations

oth Predict the views of social media users

med Detect ultra-early-stage dementia

agr Improve cannabis yields

vis Detect and delete penis photos

sci Predict hybrid nanoparticle structures

med Diagnose common dental pathologies

sec Take control of our nukes

vis Turn you into a movie star

vis Recognise and track primate faces in the wild

sci Design molecules with drug-like qualities

spe Fake your voice and steal your money

ind Forecast manufacturing demand

August 2019 33 (749)

cre Compose melodies from lyrics

gam Help people play Minecraft

vis Uncover new details about old paintings

oth Give us 12-hour work weeks

med Help combat the spread of tuberculosis

cre Turn emojis into horrible nightmares

med Estimate physiologic age from ECGs

tra Predict traffic jams months in advance

com Schedule data center activities more efficiently

vis See through magic tricks

spe Turn sign language gestures into speech

med Give basic medical advice

tra Drive a bus

pro Mediate disputes

com Automate app production

spe Make speech recognition more inclusive

gam Play football video games

spe Read books out loud in their authors' voices

com Analyse everything on your screen

gov Predict wildfires

gov Talk to lonely seniors

sci Automate the production of small molecules

med Automate feature engineering in medical data

ind Detect fake whiskies

cre Generate kick-drum tracks

rob Design and create knitted garments

com Generate large, labelled training datasets

pro Help business leaders make decisions

gam Play Honor of Kings

cre Turn you into an anime character

adm Stop people queuejumping in bars

spe Make machine voices sound less robotic

oth Be recognised as an inventor

July 2019 42 (716)

adm Type your thoughts

vis Recognise emotions from a selfie

vis Create a 3D render from a video

spe Spot AI-generated articles and tweets

agr Optimise crop cutting experiments

tra Predict dangers on our roads

adm Waste telemarketers' time

sci See inside living cells

agr Make sure vines get watered right

gov Speed up crowdsourced mapping

com Mimic the human brain

com Autocomplete lines of source code

cre Turn your selfies into classical portraits

pro Umpire a baseball game

vis Classify naturally confusing images

gov Use Twitter to see who's exercising

vis Remove moving objects from videos

gov Monitor volcanoes from space

sci Design an invisibility cloak

rob Solve a Rubik's Cube

spe Translate long-lost languages

sci Develop flu vaccines

med Predict acute kidney injury in burns patients

cre Show you an otherworldly reflection

gov Detect suicide risk online

gov Preserve endangered languages and artifacts

pro Have a hunch about business strategy

gov Protect rhinos and their caretakers

cre Design cool t-shirts

gam Play Poker

pro Detect unfair discrimination

sec Detect guns on CCTV

pro Make patent attorneys more effective

adm Discourage hurtful comments on Instagram

spe Pass a reading comprehension test

tra Land a plane by sight alone

vis Recognise numbers using a sheet of glass

sci Predict hurricanes and cyclones

pro Figure out which Beatle wrote which song

vis Tag the contents of your Facebook photos

vis Edit objects inside photos

com Spec and manage software projects

June 2019 27 (674)

oth Stop cats bringing in dead animals

sec Tell police when suspects are hiding the truth

rob Pack boxes more efficiently

sci Simulate the evolution of the universe

spe Predict gestures from audio recordings

sec Detect thefts at checkouts

oth Stop you cheating at Monopoloy

spe Transcribe interviews and meetings

vis Create images of pizza before and after cooking

adm Coach you at PowerPoint presentations

vis Detect penis doodles

com Write short, high-level programs

vis Detect Photoshopped photos

fin Monitor changes to tax laws and regulation

vis Make people in still images walk

adm Organise ideas and feedback from employees

spe Write and detect fake news

spe Fake Bill Gates' voice

pro Optimise the design of building developments

pro Staff a bank branch

spe Write fake UN speeches

cre Give cats terrifying names

sec Guess your face from your voice

rob Improve the performance of 3D printers

cre Design clothes

oth Slowly forget a human face

rob Create complex sketches and paintings

May 2019 27 (647)

edu Check students wrote their own essays

gam Work as a team in a FPS

cre Create talking heads from single photos

med Tell you whether to go to A&E

sec Automate threat hunting

cre Harmonise with other vocalists

spe Translate languages in your own voice

vis Imagine a world without cars

spe Fake Joe Rogan's voice

med Predict outcomes of orthopaedic surgery

ind Blend whiskeys

sci Predict the function of proteins in the body

med Learn whilst keeping patient data private

med Prevent unneeded tests

cre Create a likeness of Salvador Dalí

gov Monitor pollution from power plants

vis Make snap judgements about numbers

med Diagnose Parkinson's disease

med Identify lung lesions on CT scans

fin Predict which clients will invest more money

med Predict future risk of breast cancer

fin Predict the stock market

adm Help you use more inclusive language

cre Turn your face into a 'poem portrait'

sci Create images that monkeys love

cre Write short poems

cre Generate ultra-realistic fashion models

April 2019 30 (620)

cre Create never-ending death metal

ind Detect corrosion on ships

cre Combine different styles of music

adm Track and fire warehouse workers

spe Turn thoughts into speech

pro Create a new outdoor sport

sec Recognise a person carrying a colour printout

tra Steer hypersonic vehicles

gov Help drivers avoid flooded roads

ind Cut the cost of drilling for oil

gam Make old videogames look like new

sec Find enemy radars

cre Design a chair

sci Trace the shape of active neurons

med Predict the outcome of clinical trials

gov Assess earthquake-damaged buildings

gov Map population density around the world

sec Bust a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme

sec Block or remove Facebook accounts

gov Predict collisions and debris in orbit

adm Monitor workers' emails and meetings

vis Detect wrinkles in car seats

fin Create and trade tokenised bonds

med Optimise embryo selection for IVF

pro Help violinists improve their technique

med Analyse images of brain tumours

gov Measure population health via social media

sci Model cellular dynamics

tra Optimise your e-bike performance

ind Detect disturbances in power grids

March 2019 43 (590)

sec Deepfake satellite photos

hom Monitor your kitchen bin

ind Manage McDonald's drive-thrus

med Predict all-cause premature mortality

gov Spot low-birthweight babies

gov Adjudicate small claims disputes

med Recommend insulin dosages

vis Colourise black & white photos

fin Catch rogue traders

edu Allocate students to internships

ind Predict battery life

ind Detect packaging errors

med Help detect mental health problems

pro Evaluate golfers' swings

cre Turn sketches into photorealistic landscapes

gam Play Pong

sec Spot guns in CCTV footage

ind Reduce food waste in restaurants

cre Harmonise melodies

vis Remaster old video recordings to HD

sec Catch shoplifters in the act

sec Recognise the sound of break-ins

sec Detect revenge porn

med Predict cognitive ability from birth to age two

edu Check class attendance rates

agr Predict wildfires

ind Recycle materials after demolitions

adm Suggest the best meeting room

fin Prepare contracts to transition from LIBOR

pro Speed up court document processing

pro Re-engage dormant email subscribers

cre Write and produce entire songs

cre Create works of art

gam Play Mahjong

sec Spot violent online content

gov Reduce bias in police stations and courtrooms

agr Manage an entire farm

pro Help divorced parents settle disputes

gov Measure changes in coastal habitats

tra Control on-demand bus services

spe Guess whether text was produced by AI

ind Check the texture of potato crisps

gam Automate video game development

February 2019 14 (547)

rob Use a hand to manipulate objects

spe Change your voice

com Create customised AI training data

med Diagnose common childhood ailments

pro Create market reports for used cars

cre Generate fake Airbnb listings

cre Generate convincing, well-written text

spe Fix your karaoke performance

cre Generate photos of non-existent people

cre Generate cat photos from scratch

sci Find traces of lost species in our DNA

cre Finish Schubert's Unfinished Symphony

gam Play Pictionary

hom Find new flavour combinations

January 2019 14 (533)

com Train a robotic knee for amputees

gam Play StarCraft

pro Coach a football team

tra Deliver snacks

fin Spot suspected money laundering

pro Come up with new product ideas

sec Catch people sharing Netflix passwords

med Identify genetic disorders from your face

gov Analyse the world's toilets

gov Find hidden patterns in global datasets

pro Design better golf clubs

pro Pen rough drafts of articles

med Turn brain activity into speech

med Detect Alzheimer's disease in brain scans

December 2018 16 (519)

oth Hide data to cheat its creators

gov Administer the welfare state

sec Monitor a football stadium

med Help nurses care for dementia patients

edu Analyse historial sources

med Improve electronic health records

sci Monitor microorganisms in large ecosystems

med Train on medical records without leaking data

pro Auction commercial properties

rob Use facial expressions to control a wheelchair

pro Reliably measure flavour

vis Convert video into 3D renders

vis Predict where you'll look in a picture

vis See clearly in difficult conditions

sec Assist cyber-policing operations

sci Predict protein folding structures

November 2018 30 (503)

sec Charge people with jaywalking

spe Talk like a newsreader

com Remove fake likes, follows and comments

med Screen chest x-rays for a dozen diseases

oth Be your friend

sec Flag suicide risk on Facebook

fin Detect bogus expenses claims

oth Anchor the news

sec Detect computer hackers

sci Analyse the cores of distant stars

med Monitor blood loss during childbirth

pro Write a car advert

gam Recruit new players

sec Defeat biometric security systems

gov Help people interviewing trauma victims

sec Conduct social media background checks

med Diagnose paediatric heart murmurs

gov Target care inspections

tra Design an interplanetary lander

ind Run a dry cleaning business

sci Accelerate malaria research

med Scan your poop

agr Save the bees

hom Predict what kind of lighting you want

edu Teach Minecraft players about architecture

cre Direct a movie

sec Predict Yakuza attacks

sec Detect liars at border control

sci Identify viral hosts

pro Run a hot pot restaurant

October 2018 35 (473)

sci Recognise galaxies

pro Design perfumes

spe Convert sign language into text or speech

sec Identify fake robbery reports

fin Power an ATM

pro Write legal papers and rulings

hom Keep your jacket warm

hom Power a sex toy for men

cre Come up with Halloween costume ideas

com Control quantum computers

pro Host a museum

cre Write a novel

cre Paint a portrait

cre Design terrifying Halloween masks

gam Play Pac-Man without eating ghosts

tra Track foot traffic

com Fix software bugs

hom Power a sex toy for women

cre Compose melodies and lyrics

gam Orchestrate believable virtual worlds

oth Sketch a self-portrait

sec Search CCTV by height, gender or clothing

sci Identify inorganic phosphors

med Generate sepsis treatment plans

vis Give your voice assistant a realistic avatar

spe Lip-sync animations

med Identify metastatic breast cancer

pro Write fortune cookie messages

gov Give evidence to a Parliamentary committee

oth Learn common sense

gov Reduce unemployment agency backlogs

pro Review job applications

gov Generate high resolution maps

pro Write advertising slogans

med Predict imminent cardiac arrest

September 2018 13 (438)

cre Compose indie music

oth Duplicate

edu Teach people Chinese

tra Optimise bike and scooter charging

hom Optimise your skincare regime

oth Develop prejudices

spe Recognise children's voices

med Read and assess mammograms

vis Tell whether an image has been Photoshopped

med Predict whether someone is depressed

tra Compete against human pilots in drone races

agr Analyse soil samples

pro Tag documents in a lawsuit

August 2018 7 (425)

adm Operate a telephone switchboard

pro Track your basketball practice

vis Identify types of coral

ind Predict when trucks will break down

vis Detect deepfakes

vis Find Waldo

ind Detect faults in railway tracks

July 2018 18 (418)

cre Restyle photos

sci Replace animal testing for toxic chemicals

sec Tell living and dead eyeballs apart

edu Improve how we measure intelligence

gam Catch Xbox Live cheaters

gov Simulate competing policies

gam Create levels for Super Mario Bros

vis Turn Josh Brolin into Thanos

sci Spot birds from their songs

cre Write captions for memes

cre Help artists populate virtual worlds

gov Identify solar panels on buildings

cre Pick highlights for sports coverage

adm Map addresses to locations

sci Accelerate drug development

spe Check your grammar

pro Decide which movies get made

fin Simulate financial markets

June 2018 25 (400)

gam Play Dota 2

agr Help farmers grow better cassava

vis Fix photos where someone is blinking

med Predict your chance of dying in hospital

pro Figure out popular dishes at restaurants

spe Debate a human opponent

rob Make and serve coffee

tra Simulate sports car performance

vis Predict how you'll look when you're older

sec Build a virtual border wall

rob Put out fires

vis Sense people though walls

sci Predict the phases of quantum systems

med Smell illnesses in human breath

gov Find plastic waste in the ocean

ind Reduce injuries on construction sites

pro Predict the winner of the football World Cup

com Load your video games faster

sec Tell if you are drunk from your phone

med Increase your longevity

hom Adjust appliances to reduce energy use

gov Help spot illegal fishing operations

sec Flag suspicious people at border crossings

oth See the world like a psychopath

oth Boost the brain's memory

May 2018 19 (375)

sci Improve single molecule-localisation microscopy

med Record your visit to the doctor

edu Track students' emotional states

vis See in the dark

tra Control traffic lights

ind Improve radio network performance

pro Schedule output for a TV channel

oth Navigate like a mammal

sec Interview travellers at airports

med Measure the severity of small vessel disease

gov Monitor lakes and surrounding ecosystems

fin Price debt

hom Help you find a date

rob Go for a jog in the park

sec Increase military situational awareness

spe Finish your sentences

adm Phone to make an appointment

hom Personalise your drinks and snacks

sec Find late passengers in airports

April 2018 20 (356)

gam Create levels for Doom

cre Write a Grimm's fairytale

edu Answer any question by talking to books

sci Accelerate the discovery of metallic glass

spe Track stereotypes about women and minorities

pro Rewrite the news to remove bias

rob Dance to any music

edu Help deaf students learn

ind Help deliver the mail

gam Play Sonic the Hedgehog

sci Predict the probability of life on other planets

med Identify intercranial haemorrhages

ind Track supply chains from space

spe Fake your voice

sec Enhance real-time police surveillance

fin Trade cryptocurrencies

vis Categorise ramen by shop

pro Price property insurance accurately

hom Choose your clothes

sci Explore Mars

March 2018 26 (336)

hom Predict your lifespan

fin Help with home loan applications

sci Design organic syntheses

adm Spy on you at work

tra Alert distracted or drowsy drivers

rob Move like a fish

sec Drive a tank

sci Enhance atomic imaging

pro Sell your house

sci Discover unknown species of virus

agr Pollinate crops

cre Identify authors of literary works

med Detect potassium in your blood

sec Detect drug smuggling

vis Convert flat images to 3D

spe Resist creepy laughing

med Predict leukaemia relapse

gov Predict crime hotspots

cre Generate an infinite podcast

rob Help robots teach themselves

rob Anticipate human movements

agr Detect poachers

cre Teach you how to draw

med Interpret echocardiograms

gov Detect illegal logging in the rainforest

gam Play Q*bert

February 2018 25 (310)

vis Rank photos by aesthetic appeal

med Diagnose nail fungus

gov Help police make custody decisions

pro Spot errors in NDAs

sci Track mosquitos by their sound

com Perform functional software testing

pro Make ad placement decisions

sec Follow a person without human interaction

sci Detect and locate earthquakes

sci Survey and classify biological data

med Predict cardiovascular risk from retina scans

hom Help you choose a hair dye

oth Make socio-economic classifications

sec Detect ISIS propaganda

rob Ski an alpine slalom course

rob Roll on any terrain

rob Open doors

vis Tell black men and women apart

vis Change people's clothes in a video in real time

vis Find pictures capturing similar moods

vis Remove Henry Cavill's mustache

spe Exchange banter with humans

sec Help run a nuclear submarine

med Enhance cancer pathology reports

pro Evaluate the performance of sportspeople

January 2018 33 (285)

med Talk to people with depression

gov Predict government corruption

tra Predict airline delays

vis Turn a webcam into a Kinect

med Organise clinical trials

agr Reduce the cost of fish farming

spe Decipher an ancient manuscript

med Predict epileptic seizures

gov Reduce urban congestion

gam Play Doom

vis Change faces in videos

pro Analyse red carpet fashions

sec Drive a police car

pro Match art to potential buyers

cre Crop photos

ind Run a supermarket

gov Triage natural disaster aerial imagery

cre Create an image from a description

sec Direct drone surveillance

med Diagnose osteoarthritis of the knees

gov Find the best place to resettle refugees

ind Assist the crew of the ISS

ind Customise hair care products

adm Make your Slack workspace more productive

sci Build models for new artificial life forms

vis Match selfies to famous paintings

spe Tell British and American accents apart

spe Fool a speech-to-text system

gov Suggest ways to reduce pollution

gam Play Scrabble

oth Fold a t-shirt

sci Improve the accuracy of gene editing

vis Fool an image classifier system

December 2017 21 (252)

gov Detect benefit fraud

oth See what you are thinking

sec Identify objects of interest in drone footage

fin Trade equities

spe Spot fake news on the Internet

sci Discover new planets

ind Clean floors

cre Direct a panel show

sci Predict disruptions in fusion reactions

sci Invent alternatives to meat

sci Identify bacteria

med Detect falls in the home

edu Rate school performance

cre Play a piano duet with you

cre Mix like a DJ

med Predict hospital readmissions

fin Suggest venture capital investments

cre Write Harry Potter fanfiction

cre Create a chatbot in your likeness

vis Change the weather in a video

gam Play Shogi

November 2017 18 (231)

sec Staff a police station

med Pass a medical licensing exam

sci Draft research papers

sec Identify surface-to-air missile sites

hom Give you fashion advice

hom Reduce your water bills

cre Spot forged artworks

med Create holograms of cervical smears

gam Play Battleship

rob Do a backflip

med Improve palliative care

med Diagnose pneumonia

cre Design personalised clothing

med Predict sleep apnea

med Predict high blood pressure

med Identify malaria parasites in blood

rob Give you superhuman strength

pro Review legal contracts

October 2017 10 (213)

med Detect suicidal thoughts

sec Tell whether a Twitter account is a bot

spe Pick a single voice out of a crowd

gam Play Go

med Make precise incisions

vis Tell chihuahuas and muffins apart

rob Play table tennis

com Predict hard drive failures

spe Translate in real time

ind Manage construction projects

September 2017 8 (203)

hom Predict how long your relationship will last

tra Predict where you want to go

fin Manage a hedge fund

oth Animate the poo emoji

tra Pilot a drone

spe Write convincing reviews

gov Help cities get feedback from their residents

tra Land a passenger aeroplane

August 2017 6 (195)

vis Recognise partially concealed faces

pro Sort and grade job applicants

cre Compose and produce instrumentation

hom Recommend movies

cre Create anime characters

oth Tell if you are dreaming

July 2017 15 (189)

hom Guess who you know

com Improve your WiFi performance

pro Predict fashion trends

sec Predict who is going to commit a crime

rob Learn to mimic human movement

med Predict schizophrenia from brain blood flow

gam Play Sokoban

fin Make lending decisions

pro Handle customer support

cre Edit photos

cre Fake a video of someone talking

oth Design smartphone cases

sec Monitor the border

sci Hunt for subatomic particles

ind Audit what's on a store's shelves

June 2017 6 (174)

spe Translate like a native speaker

vis Perform 3D imaging through walls

sci Predict molecular properties

vis Identify plant and animal species

pro Buy advertising inventory

adm Organise your photos

May 2017 11 (168)

com Block spam emails

med Screen for cervical cancer

com Turn wireframes into working apps

med Predict sepsis

oth Sort Lego bricks

cre Paint an oil painting

ind Run a warehouse

spe Interpret orders from a Starfleet captain

sec Patrol shopping malls

med Predict heart attack and stroke risk

cre Recognise doodles

April 2017 4 (157)

pro Guide visitors to a museum

tra Pilot an F-16 fighter jet

ind Sort parcels

spe Classify sentiment in text

March 2017 5 (153)

vis Track multiple faces in a crowd

tra Deliver pizza

tra Help pilots cope with emergencies

tra Drive a truck

oth Judge a beauty contest

February 2017 8 (148)

pro Check commercial loan agreements

sec Spot trolls on Twitter

sci Predict earthquakes

med Predict autism

sci Simulate quantum systems

sec Enhance pixellated images

tra Predict parking availability

med Diagnose cataracts

January 2017 9 (140)

ind Pick up fruit and vegetables

gam Play Texas Hold-Em

med Diagnose skin cancers

sci Find new uses for existing drugs

com Write AI software

sec Verify your identity from a selfie

fin Detect payment fraud

hom Tell you if you have spots or wrinkles

pro Review theft insurance claims

2016 50 (131)

hom Control your entire house

sci Design better batteries

fin Do your accounts

vis Turn photos into videos

com Learn how to use a computer

com Organise your Facebook news feed

med Identify diabetic retinopathy

hom Discover new ingredient pairings

cre Design logos

spe Read your lips

com Learn how to use encryption

hom Cook your meals

cre Draw creepy pictures

gov Predict court cases

tra Predict how long you'll wait for a taxi

spe Transcribe a conversation

med Diagnose common conditions

sec Predict protests and riots

cre Compose harmonies and melodies

agr Detect crop diseases

pro Conduct M&A due diligence

spe Speak naturally

agr Sort cucumbers

cre Copy your handwriting

hom Control your lightbulbs

sci Design more efficient OLEDs

agr Predict crop yields

vis Tag your friends in photos

ind Reduce industrial energy consumption

spe Learn to speak like someone else

pro Write sports bulletins

adm Get parking tickets cancelled

sci Predict thunder and lightning

cre Write a screenplay

agr Spray pesticides

adm Be your personal assistant

sci Classify extreme weather events

hom Recommend stuff to buy

edu Be a teaching assistant

med Suture a wound

edu Create personalised learning plans

vis Describe what's happening in a picture

sec Detect compromised user accounts

vis Identify objects for the visually impaired

oth Learn common decency

cre Write a short story

hom Mix cocktails

sec Detect malware

pro Staff a hotel reception desk

com Deliver search results

2015 16 (81)

hom Recommend music

vis Answer questions about an image

vis Recognise emotions in pictures

med Predict hypoglycemic events

tra Dispatch taxis

cre Mimic famous artists

cre Compose classical music

gam Play Super Mario Bros

oth Nail an IQ test

sci Discover new models in biology

vis Guess your age

tra Give you driving directions

tra Drive a car

cre Write poetry

tra Design a sports car

spe Recognise emotions in speech

2014 7 (65)

vis Tell chocolate chip and raisin cookies apart

ind Run a factory

sec Spot burglars

pro Design a pricing strategy

pro Write financial bulletins

rob Dance Gangnam Style

hom Buy stuff on your behalf

2013 1 (58)

gam Play Atari 2600

2012 1 (57)

vis Identify you from your walk

2011 5 (56)

sec Operate a sentry gun

hom Optimise your heating

edu Mark essays

rob Juggle balls in mid-air

gam Play Jeopardy!

2006 1 (51)

vis Identify you from your face

2003 1 (50)

tra Park a car

1997 1 (49)

gam Play chess

Undated 48

agr Forecast demand for tractors

rob Design better artificial limbs

vis Identify hotdogs or not hotdogs

vis Locate emoji in the real world

spe Detect toxic comments in online discussions

spe Translate over 100 languages

com Write unit tests

com Speed up Microsoft Office

com Improve your UX design

sec Threaten our digital, physical and political security

sec Search surveillance footage in real time

med Monitor outpatients

med Generate oncology treatment plans

edu Create custom textbooks

edu Tutor kids in maths

gov Identify and count wildlife

gov Track the migration patterns of whales

agr Harvest strawberries

agr Seed, water and care for plants

agr Thin lettuces

agr Pick apples

agr Help farmers work more efficiently

agr Boost greenhouse productivity

ind Predict maintenance tasks

adm Schedule your meetings

adm Take notes in a meeting

adm Do data entry

adm Make a staffing rota

adm Improve your writing

fin Get invoices paid instantly

fin Find cheap flights

fin Help you look after your money

fin Price risk

fin Give financial planning advice

fin Optimise your spending

fin Give investment advice

pro Match candidates with job vacancies

pro Review motor insurance claims

pro Run a luxury concierge

pro Personalise customer experiences

pro Coach call centre staff

pro Build project teams

pro Conduct legal case research

pro Optimise retail inventory

hom Clean your windows

hom Mow your lawn

hom Vacuum your floors

hom Learn your weekly shop

Curated by @clry2 and last updated January 2021