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Pro tip: don't feed the trolls.

29 January 2015
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This is part two of a set of posts about reasonstovoteukip.com. In part one we took a look at the data from the first week or so of activity. In this one we’ll explore people’s reactions to the message itself.

Although most of the social activity the site has generated has been on Facebook, I’ve turned to Twitter to help me summarise things. This is easier because Twitter is (mostly) public, whereas what you or I can see on Facebook will vary depending on our friends and privacy settings.

So, with no further ado…

1. You’re welcome

Most of the messages I got were from people saying thank you. Who says people these days have no manners?

2. Made you look

Lots and lots of people seem to be on a mission to wind up their friends…

3. You got me

And plenty more were reeled in.

4. He’s an open book

A few people were reminded of a classic piece of literature (check out the reader reviews if you have time).

5. Sad but true

It’s not all light-hearted of course.

6. Break it up

We had our fair share of spats. Let me know if you spot some of these ants, by the way.

7. Filter bubble in action

I think this is really interesting. Most of us tend to follow / friend people who are like us, which in turn means we tend to hear things we’re predisposed to agree with. Eli Pariser coined the term filter bubble in his book of the same name. I doubt this site has changed many minds, but I do hope it’s started a few conversations amongst people who don’t normally talk politics.

8. Better go check your dictionary

Of course there are a few UKIP supporters out there who weren’t very impressed. Perhaps we have different understandings of the word democracy.

9. Point: missed

Can anybody explain to me the difference between a website and a “website”?

10. NO I’M NOT

But this is my favourite. Hmm… what do you think?

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