Fetishising a no-deal Brexit is the ultimate cowardice

There's nothing brave or patriotic about running away from responsibility.

09 August 2019
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Image: www.flickr.com

There’s a scene in Jurassic Park that I’m reminded of every time the Prime Minister ramps up the rhetoric around a no-deal Brexit.

After a death at the park, the investors send in their lawyer to determine whether it will be safe to open for visitors. On seeing the dinosaurs, however, he is quickly blinded by greed and any concerns about safety evaporate. Later in the movie, when the T-Rex inevitably escapes, the lawyer abandons the children he is supposed to be looking after and runs off to hide in a nearby toilet.

The Brexit fanatics hype no-deal as an act of heroism: a new Blitz spirit, British pluck and nerve triumphant, a “war cabinet” to deliver Brexit by any means possible.

But fetishising chaos and collateral damage you have the power to prevent isn’t brave. Brave would be admitting Brexit isn’t in fact the cakewalk we were promised in 2016. Brave would be putting country before party, not knowingly selling out future generations for a chance to whip Labour in a snap election. Brave would be using the most powerful office in the land to support Parliament, not turn the people against it.

Any responsible leader would be seeking a solution to the Brexit dilemma that protects our national interests and opens up a path to walk the country back from the brink. Instead, our Prime Minister is hiding in the toilet — and the T-Rex is heading straight for it.

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