All good things

25 January 2016

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Five-card stud, nothing wild... and the sky's the limit.

After more than two years leading the digital team at SCVO, the time has almost come for me to move on.

It’s been a tremendous ride: from a standing start and with the backing of the Scottish Government we’ve built a first-class team, led three rounds of investment in a portfolio of inspirational community digital inclusion projects, placed dozens of digital interns into Scottish charities, run packed events up and down the country, modernised some really tough legacy technology platforms, and been joined by an amazing coalition of partners to build a national movement around digital participation and basic digital skills.

And future is looking brighter still. The next few months will see the delivery of a major programme to develop hundeds of digital champions in Scottish charities, a user-centered redesign of SCVO’s web estate, and a bold new rating and reviews platform for charities and good causes that will bring a new era of user feedback and transparency to the sector.

None of this would have been possible without a team of talented, dedicated, open and optimistic people working hard to make sure the internet really is for everyone (and having lots of fun along the way!).

You know who you are. I’m so proud of you, and I can’t wait to see what you achieve next.

Tags: digital policy