A better logo for Change UK

Change politics? Sure, but change your logo first.

15 May 2019
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Every political party needs a visual identity. The best logos make a party instantly recognisable, encapsulating its essential values and conveying its character to the world. Such is the power of design.

Political party logos

The oak tree stands for stability and tradition. The red rose for solidarity and passion. The dove for freedom and tolerance. Even UKIP’s effort does a fine job of screaming contempt for the modern world.

And now there’s this:

Change UK logo

I’m honestly not even sure what it’s supposed to be. Maybe a hamburger button, but with two burgers? A brutalist take on Jenga? Kanye’s sunglasses?

Worse still, it’s v2 (or v2.1 if you count this short-lived iteration), adopted after the party’s first preference was rejected by the Electoral Commission. As a result you won’t see either logo on the ballot papers for this year’s European elections, leaving you free to focus instead on the big fat arrow pointing at the box for the Brexit Party (who seem to know exactly what they are doing).

Oh, and there’s a bus.

Change you can believe in

Although I think the current Change UK logo is terrible, I happen to agree with much of what the party actually has to say. And horrible design upsets me. So I thought I’d have a go at sketching something better.

(For what it’s worth I’m not sure about the party name either. But we’ll work with what we’ve been given and consider that constraint an extra part of the challenge!)

Here’s the result:

Change UK alternative logo

Finding a good ideogram was super hard (I told you the name was a problem!). So in the end I chose to keep it simple: a big, bold C incorporating elements from the UK and EU flags, and a dash of style inspiration from Team GB and the Obama campaign.

A bit more paring back gets us avatars for social media:

Change UK alternative logo social

Finally, as an added bonus it also works nicely in monochrome:

Change UK alternative logo monochrome

The Conservative party reportedly paid £40,000 to replace their old flaming torch logo with the scribbly tree. Change UK can have this one on me.

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