Adventures in digital

How to build a Twitter bot

25 November 2014 •

Who says Twitter is just for humans?

Better together

16 September 2014 •

I love my country. All of them. Let's make our future together.

Notes from a digital inclusion startup

01 August 2014 •

That's not how things are done round here? Good.

It's over 900!

09 July 2014 •

Raspberry Pi, meet Twitter.

Random access policies

04 June 2014 •

Only a Secretary of State for Digital can bring the coherence we need on digital and technology policy. Discuss.

A better way to publish your report

23 May 2014 •

Don't come any closer with that PDF. Didn't anyone tell you about the web?

My first Wordpress theme

19 May 2014 •

It's fast, it's mobile first, and it's free for you to use and reuse.

Moving to Mac

11 May 2014 •

Here are a few tools to kick start life after Windows.

The adventure begins

06 May 2014 •

In which Chris finally gets round to starting a blog.

Hello world!

06 May 2014 •

Welcome to Wordpress.